If you get out of bed in the morning feeling stiff and creaky, this is a great yoga class for you. This short audio yoga practice focuses on lubricating, strengthening, and mobilizing your joints. Not just for tin men & women, all of us who care about our bodies can benefit from a focus on maintaining the health & strength of our joints.

Your joints are the basic tools for movement in your body and your muscles engage to act on your joints. Joints have a healthy range of motion and when they are either overstretched or underutilized it will cause a cascade of problems and eventually injury. By maximizing joint function, you will be able to move more freely, reduce pain, and recruit your muscles more effectively.

Most exercise focuses on muscular action; the action of the joints is presumed. Warming up your joints before you workout will increase the effectiveness of your workout – whether yoga, running, weightlifting, cycling or any other activity the focuses on muscles rather than joints.

Age, cold weather, and physical activity (or lack thereof) all have profound impact on our joints. This audio yoga class is a perfect winter practice, great for first thing in the morning, or right before a workout. So whether you would like to improve your performance, feel better in your body, or just counter the effects of aging – focus on your joints.