I love inverting. I love the energized feeling I get. I love the sense of accomplishment when I make progress. I love the challenge and sometimes I even appreciate the frustration of working so so hard and still failing. There is no doubt that for me, inversions are a valuable teacher.

For the past several years, I have enjoyed helping people challenge them selves and face their fears of going upside down by teaching a workshop called ‘Inversions Demystified’. In this workshop, I break down the different components of inversions into manageable parts and allow people to work at their own pace towards their next milestone. Everyone who attends leaves with an understanding of what to work on next and many of the people who attend have breakthroughs during these workshops.  However, recently I decided to stop teaching them.


The reason that I’ve made this decision is not because I am less focused on the physical aspects of yoga. I am as fascinated and in love with human movement and breathing as ever. I still believe that taking on the challenge on inversions is a valuable way to practice abhyasa/vairagya – consistent steady practice and non-attachment. It’s also not because people tend to approach these poses greedily, willing to harm their future structural integrity for the sake of ‘achieving’ a pose today. This is true, but my workshops are actually a great antidote to this type of thinking since I am very honest with people about what they are ready for and show them physical examples of why.

I am choosing to move on from this type of workshop simply because the focus of my teaching is evolving. As a yoga teacher, the most rewarding work is to help those who need it the most, therefore my focus is becoming more therapeutic. By therapeutic, I do not exclude strengthening – I am seeking to help people create balance on multiple levels. For some, breaking through their fear of inversions is therapeutic (I’m still available to help with that one on one or in a small group).  However, I have a limited amount of energy available to plan, schedule, promote, and teach workshops and this is one I am choosing to let go. The new workshops I am developing have the capacity to help a lot more people for the long term.

I am still in love with inversions and I still plan to practice them every day. I will miss these workshops because they are high energy, light hearted, and fun! I will still teach them in the context of the teacher trainings I am involved with and in a private setting. For all of you who have attended in the past – thank you! Thank you for working hard, for laughing, and for letting go.