The Yoga of Creativity

I am facilitating a 12 week series on the Artist’s Way along with the lovely and talented Anna Ferguson. The Artist’s Way is a course in unblocking creativity, based on the book of the same name by Julia Cameron.

I have a very loose definition of creativity. To me, creativity is that which makes us feel alive and connected. Whatever it is that we do to make our mark on the world, that is our creative work. When we go to work day in and day out, come home and turn on the tv, and just go through the motions of life without being fully connected to what we are doing, that is being blocked. When we are blocked from our creativity, we intuitively know there is something wrong. Our lives may not have anything outwardly wrong with them, but we feel dissatisfied and uneasy.

Being alive, embodied, is a gift. We were put on this earth to live, to create, to feel, to explore. We are given a chance to live the diversity of experience this world has to offer. Our creativity is our gift back. When we cut ourselves off from our creativity, we are denying our dharma, our sacred duty.

There are many ways to unblock your creativity. The Artist’s Way has proven to be a particularly effective set of tools for many people, but each of us has the opportunity to unblock just a bit in any moment. When we soften our boundaries and feel the life pulsing within us, we unblock. When we take a walk and notice the breeze in our hair or the sunshine on our face, we unblock. When dance or laugh or love uninhibitedly, we unblock.

What are the things that bring you fully into the moment? Can you commit to doing one of those things today?


  1. Lovely! The book, even though it has resided on my bed or bedside table for a couple of years, has never helped me as much as this first session has, and I am not blaming the book. It’s nice to be tugged, and hopefully I will be tugging myself soon enough.

  2. Beautifully written Mado.

  3. I appreciate your definition of creativity..”alive and connected”. I’ve been struggling with the spiritual aspect of this work. Your words bring me some clarity. I have always found that going thru the motions was spiritual death–not to mention how bad it was for building a just and loving community. When I am alive and connected I am at my best. I am living like the change I want to see in the world. And, I think you would say, I’m living creatively. Thanks Mado!

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