I am enjoying the perfect days of summer.  You know, the ones where you look around and think “I am completely content in this moment”.  I feel so blessed to live in this town and get to teach yoga to students who are seeking a deeper and deeper experience of themselves.  To interact daily with people who choose kindness and awareness as a way of life.  And to experience an abundance in the natural world that mirrors the physical and cultural diversity of the people.

We have a tendency to seek happiness outside of ourselves and in the future.  So perhaps it is the perfect mate or the right promotion that we beleive will fulfill us.  And with this state of mind, we attach any current happiness to the current circumstances. With this comes the fear that what ever circumstances are making us happy will change.  And inevitably they do.  However, we have within us everything we need to be happy in each moment.  This potential for experiencing complete contentment and even bliss rests within each of us and cannot be taken away.

Happiness can be found externally — sometimes.  We can use the beautiful moments of our lives to set mental patterns that will train us to experience contentment in other moments. This occurs when we consciously appreciate our experience of any given moment, without attaching ourselves to the circumstances surrounding it.  Patterns of contentment will begin to pop up in more unusual circumstances.  We might be having a discussion with a friend, and that friend begins to get heated.  Rather than getting upset, we find that we are still completely content in the moment.  We are able to look at that person with love and compassion, clearly state our case (if necessary) and then move on.

Purnatva is the state of experiencing divine perfection in all things.  Inherently, the nature of the universe is abundance. “When the microcosm totally dissolves into the state of Macrocosm, as a sugar doll dissolves into water, ‘Purnatva’ is THAT non-verbalized state.” (Jinendra Swami)

Purnatva may be taken as a goal, or a state to which one arrives upon the completion of some preparatory measures.  We can also take the goal as the path, seeking first to perceive the abundant, perfect order in our bodies, in our evolution, in ecological systems, and in our relationships. With each moment we celebrate the already impeccable, orchestrated, complete experience, we plant powerful seeds (or mental imprints) to experience the same, over and over again, each time more fully.