Even if I can’t do a full yoga practice, I try to get upside down every single day for at least a few minutes. An inversion practice can be as simple as a standing forward bend or legs up the wall or as complex as a scorpion handstand. Whatever your strength, energy level, and balance allow, put your heart above your head and reap the many benefits of inverting:

  1. Reverse the aging force of gravity
  2. Stimulate circulation & lower blood pressure
  3. Lower pressure on your spine to reduce neck and back pain
  4. Improve posture
  5. Strengthen Core
  6. Boot brain power & improve mental awareness
  7. Calm the mind & relieve stress
  8. Enhance relaxation and promote sounder sleep
  9. Improve digestion and elimination
  10. Elevate mood and combat depression

If you’re ready to take your inversion practice to the next level, join me on Saturday June 29th for Inversions Demystified at The Asheville Yoga Center. Inversions Demystified is 2.5 hours of focused attention on the skills it takes to improve your inversions. Come as you are, I specialize in helping beginners and those with fear of inverting as well as more advanced practitioners find their next edge in their inversion practice.