Everywhere I look, something is sprouting, blossoming, or shooting towards they sky. All of a sudden people are venturing out of their houses and into their gardens, parks, and streets. Invitations to events are piling up and energy is high. We are all so ready to come out of hibernation and greet the day.

I love the Spring. It is the season I was born into 30 years ago and the sheer hope and joy of it resonates within me deeply. I often feel like I am surviving through the winter, but now I wake up each morning excited to see what the world has to offer today. This profound occurs seemingly overnight. This year I felt it on the very day of the Equinox.

My challenge for the next few months is moderating my energy – saving some for next fall and winter. At this time of year, my tendency is to charge forward, full steam ahead, like the ram that I am. This week, my focus is on inner listening. Taking several moments each day to tune in and listen to the quietness within.

Inner listening is actually more than just listening. It involves listening, feeling, and being absolutely still. Inner listening means forgetting what we think we “know” and instead being open to what is. Learning to differentiate between the voice of our ego and the voice of intuition.

Just like all skills, inner listening takes practice. By practicing inner listening at times we feel good and when we have small decisions, we learn to differentiate and to trust. So take a moment, right now.

Stop. Pause your day. Take a moment to listen, watch, feel, and be. You’ll be glad you did.