Why practice yoga?
Can I do yoga if I am a Christian?
Can I do yoga if I am not flexible?
What kind of yoga is right for me?
Can I do yoga with injury or illness?
Can I do yoga just for the workout?
How often should I practice?
Can’t I just use videos?
How do I get started?
How much do classes cost?

Why practice yoga?

We practice yoga to lessen the pain and suffering in our lives. We practice yoga to strengthen and balance our bodies, calm our minds, and come to terms with our emotions. The regular practice of yoga has a huge transformational effect on the practicioner. If you haven’t already started, today is a great day to begin creating a better life.

Can I do yoga if I am a Christian/Muslim/Etc and do not want to change my religion?

YES! Yoga is not a religion. It is a non-dogmatic philosophy and system for living a fuller and more enjoyable life. You can take or leave any parts of the philosophy and/or practice that do not work for you. No one will ever pressure you to abandon your religion or make you feel bad for your beliefs. I believe that yoga is compatible with all religions and I think that faith is a great complement to the teachings of yoga.

I’m not flexible, can I still practice yoga?

Yes, yes, yes! If we were all perfect, why would we need to practice? Yoga is a process of developing flexibility and strength in the body and the mind. The only prerequisite is an interest in changing your life and a willingness to make an effort. If you have questions about your ability to practice the physical parts of yoga, try out a gentle class first and see how it feels. If you decide you want more of a challenge, try out a basic or all levels class. Make sure to tell your teacher if you are a beginner and of any physical limitations you have.

I am confused by all the different styles of yoga. How do I figure out which one is best for me?

Check out my description of the most common yoga styles in the US. Also, be sure to take a variety of classes from different teachers and different styles until you find one that “clicks” for you.

I have an injury or illness. Which yoga class would be right for me?

Please call me to discuss your specific problem and I can help you choose a class. In general, gentle or basic yoga classes will move slowly and allow for you to work around any limitations. In some cases, private instruction will be recommended before or instead of group classes. Always get permission from your physician before beginning any form of exercise

I just want a workout, would your classes be right for me?

While the philosophy of yoga is interwoven into my classes, it is done in an accessible and non-intrusive way. You can take it or leave it as you wish, but the deeper processes of yoga will have some effect on you whether you seek it or not. You may find yourself feeling more relaxed in your daily life and kinder to your loved ones. These are side effects you will just have to deal with when you decide to do yoga! Most of my classes are physically challenging. Unless they are specifically marked gentle or basic, you can assume that my classes will provide a workout. Of course, private sessions can be as demanding or relaxing as the student desires.

How often should I practice yoga?

Any yoga is better than no yoga, but the more yoga the better! Beginning with just one class or private per week is a wonderful start. Just know that in order to really feel the effects of yoga, you will eventually need to attend more classes or privates, use videos, and/or practice on your own at home. As with any exercise program, you should practice at least 2 to 3 times per week if you are looking to see significant changes in your health and well being. For a total life transformation, plan on practicing yoga and/or meditation 5-7 days a week.

Why should I pay for yoga classes when I can buy a video for the price of two classes?

Videos are a wonderful and affordable supplement to taking classes, but they should never substitute for studying with a qualified teacher. The teacher in a yoga video cannot see you and offer feedback based on what he or she sees. Yoga is an incredibly effective tool for wellbeing, but done improperly will almost certainly cause injury in the long run. Always take classes with a focus on alignment in addition to doing videos and if possible do private sessions focused entirely on you as well.

How do I get started?

I teach group classes, private sessions, semi-private classes, parties, festivals, and more. If you are a beginner, I recommend trying a private class risk free: if you don’t love it, there’s no charge. At a private class, we can evaluate your current fitness, strengths, and weaknesses and design a customized plan based on your personal goals.

How much do yoga classes cost?

I strive to make my classes and services affordable to all, regardless of income. The going rate for yoga classes in Asheville ranges from $9-15 per class. Making a commitment to a specific studio or teacher by buying several classes at once will bring the price per class down. Additionally, some of my classes are offered to the community at a discount price (usually $6). Private sessions cost $60 per hour and are offered risk-free: if you don’t love your first session, it is free. Please check my class schedule for current community classes. I value these practices highly and spend a lot of time, effort, and money refining my teaching skills and increasing my body of knowledge. My teaching is a labor of love and all monetary income is an acknowledgement of that love. You will never be turned away from a class for inability to pay.