Workshops, Trainings, and Special Events

Abdominal Awakening

Sat, Jan 24th | 3-5pm | $20
Asheville Community Yoga

Learn a series of extraordinarily deep abdominal exercises that will strengthen you from the inside out helping to penetrate weak muscle fibers, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue, and cultivate vibrancy throughout your nervous system. Register asap, only 7 spaces remaining.

Love Yourself, Love All

An Alive Music and Yoga Experience with Kristin Luna Ray and Mado Hesselink Biddle
Saturday, February 14th 3:00 – 5:00pm

By cultivating love for self, we will prepare to more fully love and be loved by others.

This two hour workshop will include a variety of asana including heart openers and twists, mantra, live music, and meditation. We will use these to celebrate and cultivate the holiday of love from within in an authentic, grounded, and joyful way. You will leave feeling nourished and inspired, and with a specific personally selected mantra to guide you on your way. Couples, friends, and solo voyagers will all benefit from this workshop.

Price: $20 Register at Asheville Community Yoga, in person or on their website.