Public Class Schedule


10-11:15am Gentle Yoga & Self Massage
West Asheville Yoga


2:25-3:30pm Gentle Flow
Asheville Community Yoga


Mado’s teaching makes yoga not only accessible & enjoyable for beginners like me, but highly engaging on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


I just wanted you to know how much growth you inspired in my yoga practice! It was in your class that I finally felt the pulsations and the vibrations of not only myself but things around me…the poses became not a goal but living, breathing beautiful things all on their own.


Your classes have meant so much to Kathy and I. I have learned so much about breathing—something I considered fairly basic before your instruction—and now find myself using it (deep breathing that is) at different points during my day, not just during a yoga class.Your attention to detail is so noticeable and appreciated.  From greeting each new class member, asking about physical needs, to correct positioning (and not just the body part being focused upon in a given pose), to using effective verbal cues/descriptors to direct correct body positioning. Your class was something to truly enjoy and become fully enmeshed in; not merely an exercise class to get through.  You create a positive, welcoming atmosphere and each class created “community” that became more than the sum of what each person brought.

Your classes at came about at just the right time in my life and really helped me go to the depths that I wanted to in my practice. I am ever so thankful for all that you put into your classes and continue to put out into the community. It is truly appreciated.


I just wanted to thank you again for giving me a new perspective on yoga.  I never liked it much before I took your class, but I really enjoy it now and I keep a smile through most of it.  So, I wish you good luck on everything you are doing and please keep teaching, you are amazing!!!