Private Sessions

Who should take Private Yoga Sessions?

  • Beginners who want to feel confident walking into their first class
  • Serious students who want to deepen their knowledge and get all their questions answered
  • People with concerns about their ability to participate in a public class
  • Those with injuries who want to learn how to work around and even heal their injuries

I love teaching yoga to individuals in a one-on-one setting.  This is the traditional way that yoga was taught for thousands of years and the benefits are tremendous. In private yoga classes, we focus on your specific goals. We move through the yoga session as quickly or as slowly as you are able to assimilate the information, thereby using your time efficiently.   And because you can ask as many questions as you want, the class remains focused on what is interesting and relevant to you.

Many people choose private sessions because of therapeutic concerns. The general nature of public classes make them inappropriate for people who are working with specific physical limitations.  In a private yoga class, we are able to not only modify to accommodate those limitations, but we may also tailor the session to poses and actions that have been known to build strength, increase awareness, and reduce pain.

Some people find themselves self-conscious attending public yoga classes, especially if they have not been physically active recently or if coordination is a particular challenge.  While most yoga instructors will do their best to help beginners, a few private yoga classes can give you confidence and make you more likely to follow through on your desire to attend classes regularly.

Invest in your health & wellbeing with a private yoga package.

All private yoga packages are RISK FREE:
if after your initial intake session you are not convinced that working together is the right choice for your health ALL your money is refunded and the intake session is free.

Package 1 includes:

1.5-2hr intake session
Two 60 min follow-up sessions
Two 30 min follow-up sessions OR one additional 60 minute session

Package 2 includes:

1.5hr-2hr instake session
Five 60 min follow-up sessions
Five 30 min follow-up sessions
$450 (Intake session is free!)

Package 3 includes:

1.5-2hr intake session
Ten 60 min follow-up sessions
Ten 30 min follow-up sessions
$840 (Free intake + one additional free session!)

Standalone sessions available for $60/hr.
Once you have had your intake & completed your initial package, you may purchase 10 sessions at once for $500 (a savings of $100).

You may also choose to chip in with a friend or two on a semi-private to reduce the cost to you per session.

Please call 828-273-2402 or fill out my contact form for more information.