Who Should Take Private Yoga Lessons?


Learn how to modify for your injuries and support your healing.


Learn the basics ahead of time and feel confident walking into your first class.

Serious Students

Want to focus on your specific challenges and get all your questions answered?

Special Populations

Public classes aren’t for everyone – a private session can be tailored to your needs.

Invest in Yourself with a Private Yoga Package

Individual sessions can also be purchased after your package is complete for $70 per hour.

Why Choose Private Yoga Sessions?

Many people choose private sessions because of therapeutic concerns. In a private yoga class, we are able to not only modify to accommodate those limitations, but we may also tailor the session to poses and actions that have been known to build strength, increase awareness, and reduce pain.

Some dedicated students of yoga choose the traditional method of one-on-one learning environments in order to speed their progress. We will move through your yoga session as quickly or as slowly as you are able to assimilate the information, thereby using your time efficiently. And because you can ask as many questions as you want, the class remains focused on what is interesting and relevant to you.

Other people are self-conscious attending public yoga classes, especially if they have not been physically active recently or if coordination is a particular challenge. While most yoga instructors will do their best to help beginners, a few private yoga classes can give you confidence and make you more likely to follow through on your desire to attend classes regularly.

The general nature of public classes make them inappropriate for people who are working with specific physical limitations. Many people choose private sessions due to age, weight, or other special conditions.

Schedule Your First Session

All private yoga packages are RISK FREE: if after your initial intake session you are not convinced that working together is the right choice for your health ALL your money is refunded and the intake session is free. Call 828.273.2402 or click the link below to get started.

I have just completed a series of 5 private yoga lessons with Mado.  My goals were to confirm that my poses are well-aligned and to work on establishing a yoga series to use at home.  I would say we met all of these goals and much more!  Not only is Mado well-trained, she is a gifted teacher.  We had the time to focus on areas that I needed to work on and then she was able to break it down so that I could feel when my body was in the right place. Her energy is positive and she builds your self confidence so you are willing to try challenging things that you might not have tried before.  I feel any yoga student, from beginner to advanced, would benefit tremendously from this series.


What an amazing journey I experienced today. Nothing excites me more than an ah-ha moment, and I definitely experienced this very early in our session today. To top it all off, I’ve felt wonderful and energized all day!