Anytime meditation to relieve suffering – you can do this sitting or anytime, driving, doing the dishes, walking, etc.

Begin by cultivating a loving acceptance of yourself. Soften and open to your own good. Breathe and feel and experience the love you feel for yourself.

Think of someone who automatically brings up feeling of love for you, such as a child, intimate friend, or spiritual teacher. Absorb and memorize the feelings that they bring up for you.

Think of someone neutral and continue to project feelings of deep love to this person.

Think of someone that you struggle with. Send them love and compassion. Check in with yourself and see how you feel, both physically and emotionally while doing this.

When you feel your energy begin to shift away from love, return your thoughts to one of the previous people until you are able to connect back. You can do this again and again.

Finally, take all the positive feelings you have built up though your practice and send it out to all beings who are experiencing suffering right now. If you are inspired to focus on a specific person or group of people such as the people Haiti, do so.

Repeat often!

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  1. Hey Mado, I just started taking your advice on meditation and it has filled me with peace. It’s only been a couple of days, too! I hope to continue. Sending compassion to people has been my favorite part. Keep up your great articles on this site.

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