I love to grow vegetables, put large amounts of weight over my head, and dance to just about anything with a good beat.  I am a total wimp about the cold (maybe because I grew up in Hawaii) and sometimes indulge in 2-3 hot baths per day in the winter.

In the 2002, after I graduated from college, I was hit with the worst bout of depression I had ever experienced.  Yoga became my lifeline through this time and I was inspired to sign up for a teacher training in order to study it more deeply.  I completed the Asheville Yoga Center Teacher training program in 2005 and was fortunate to immediately begin teaching at the Downtown Asheville YMCA. Teaching at the YMCA I observed and assisted thousands of students of varying experience and ability and I consider that time to be my second teacher training.  Since then I have completed hundreds hours of additional study including more teacher trainings because the depth of this practice never ceases to blow my mind.

My classes are strongly influenced by Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® method. Yoga Tune Up® is an approach to movement that helps people discover their body blind spots. These are the parts of our body that are overused, underused, or misused. When we shine light on the most hidden regions of our bodies, we can begin to move in a more balanced way. This leads to improved posture, reduced pain, and enhanced performance. The Roll Model is a method of self massage that uses pliable rubber balls to release tension, improve mobility, and induce states of deep relaxation. The combination of these two methods is therapeutic, educational, and enjoyable.

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