This is a short (10 minute) core focused yoga video. These exercises are a small sampling of the work we do in my Abdominal Awakening workshop. Details on how to register for the next session are available below the video. I hope you enjoy it!

2 Workshops For the New Year with Mado Saturday, January 4th

You can register for either one of these workshops independently, or come to both for a discounted rate.


Learn a series of extraordinarily deep abdominal exercises that will strengthen you from the inside out helping to penetrate weak muscle fibers, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue, and cultivate vibrancy throughout your nervous system. Core integration significantly enhances your yoga practice, noticeably sharpening the quality of your inversions and backbends. It is a safe and transformative class for those dealing with specific core injuries and is a challenge for all levels from newcomers to teachers. You will leave class rooted in the radiant support of your integrated core.



For all levels of yoga students and teachers who wish to take on the challenge of inversions. Whether you love inversions or fear them, this workshop will increase your confidence doing, teaching, and assisting these powerful poses. You will work at your own pace, skill, and comfort level to break inversions down into their basic components and put them back together in ways that help your body make sense of them. Learn:

  • Strategies for dealing with fear and anxiety about inversions.
  • How to strengthen your body and train your muscles to invert with ease.
  • How to figure out who should – and who shouldn’t practice specific inversions (such as headstand).
  • Tricks for getting in to the more challenging variations – and how to work up to them.
  • How to safely assist others with inversions – even people of very different sizes
  • How to modify inversions for your body – and how to teach inversions to mixed level classes.

pincha Abdominal Awakening: $25 Inversion Revolution: $25 Both: $40 Yoga Alliance contact hours: 4 ***THESE WORKSHOPS ARE LIMITED TO 20 STUDENTS*** Financial assistance and payment plans are available. For details, contact Sonya:

To register, fill out the info below: